Incorporating Pantone's Color of the Year in your Wedding

Bye Bye Ultra Violet, Hello Living Coral.

Photo: J. Anthony Martinez


Pantone’s much anticipated 2019 Color of the Year has been announced and we are HERE for it. Pantone announced this year’s hue is Living Coral which they describe as “Sociable & Spirited.” Seems pretty perfect for a celebration right? That said, let’s explore some unique ways to incorporate it into your wedding.

1. Add a Ribbon to your bouquet

Photo: Lana Ponomarenko


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Long flowing bouquet ribbons have been having a moment for a while now and I don’t see them going anywhere. They add a romantic, elegant, and bohemian look to any bouquet. Plant-dyed ribbons like the ones above have a natural texture that will give you bouquet the extra wow factor.

2. Statement Shoes


Photo: Jessica Christie

No bridal ensemble is complete without a beautiful set of shoes, and why not use this as an opportunity to add that subtle pop of color?!


3. Use a statement flower in your floral design

Photo: Wendy Laurel

Proteas are a large, striking flowers native to South Africa. Their unique look with sharp coral petals, can be the perfect statement piece for any arrangement. Whether proteas are in your bouquet or in your centerpiece, theses coral beauties look stunning in any setting.

4.  Have a Playful Desert Station  

Photo: Jessica Christie


In recent years we have seen the rise of wedding cake alternatives. Doughnuts, cake pops, pie, and macaroons are great substitutes if you’re not a cake fan. Adding a fun pop of color to your desert station makes for a great detail shot and conversation piece for your guests. Coral colored dessert alternatives will have your guests lusting over Pantone’s color of the year.

5. Add a Neon Sign

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Custom signs have been trending for a while now, but neon signs have only recently emerged. With neon you can put your name in lights to add that bold and fearless element to your reception while incorporating our electrifying color of the year.

6.  Create a Signature Cocktail

Signature cocktails have become a mainstay at wedding bars. A signature drink helps add another piece of your personality to the event. Adding a splash of grapefruit, rosé, or cranberry can give your cocktail the coral color you crave. And if the groom isn’t a fan of fruity drinks, do a his & hers cocktail for more variety.

Whether it be through shoes, desserts, signs, or ribbons, there are many creative ways to add in the Pantone’s sociable and spirited color of the year. This color is here to stay and can’t wait to make a statement at your wedding!